Thursday, March 30, 2006

After reading someone else's blog, I was reminded of the strong witness that I used to be. I used to witness to anyone that seemed like they lacked guidance. I turned my mom into a bus driver, always inviting people to youth group and when they tried to say no because they didn't have any way to get there, I would tell them that we would pick them up. Most of them were girls with behavioral problems and from "disfunctional" families, they didn't have anyone to lead them in the right direction. I guess I have always been drawn to people with problems. I was also a camp counselor in good old MN, camp J.I.M. (Jesus Is Mine). I worked with the younger girls, that is where I first obtained the nick name "Mom," all the girls called me mom when they got home sick, they were such sweet girls with such good hearts, I learned so much from them. There was one girl that was very shy, Kendra, she stuck to me like glue, everything she made in crafts, she would give to me, I told her she should take them home to her mother but she continued to give them to me, I must confess, it made me feel good. I love God, and I try to do right by him, sometimes I fail, but I don't let those slips stop me. I try to let everyone know that no matter what they have done, God loves and is willing to forgive them if they are willing to go to him with their whole hearts and love him back and abide by his will. I must confess, I have not witnessed in a very long time, there is no excuse, I have just gotten lazy and selfish and wrapped up in other things. I pray nonstop, I worry that someday I will get to the gates of heaven and find out that I did it all wrong. I have faith that everything will be ok, I know we aren't promised tomorrow and that we should do the best that we can with the time that God has given us, God put us all here for a reason and I hope and pray for the wisdom to recognize my purpose. I know this hasn't been very organized, I just wrote what I thought, thanks for reading!


Blogger wolfpox said...

There are many roles that need to be filled in the Church, and your own methods are valuable, so long as they are alligned with Christ's example. Jesus was strict and serious, but he was also gentle and loving; he was an outspoken preacher, but he was also a meek servant. You can be a motherly figure, and others have to be fatherly.

As the "body of Christ" we all have different functions. The hands have a different job than the feet, and you might have a different job than me. We can both witness and appeal to different people in different ways, but we're fighting on the same team and we're part of the same body, with the same head. Some people are carrying weapons, and others are carrying ammunition, and others are tending to the wounded. The important thing is, as you said, that you're trying.

As an extreme example, you might recall a story in the New Testament where there was a church, and everyone was supposed to give their belongings to pool their resources, but one couple didn't give everything. I think it was Peter, I'm not sure, but one of the disciples found out, and when he confronted the man, he died on the spot. Then the wife came, and when she found out, she also died from guilt. Their guilt was what killed them, not Peter. Thus, for myself, I don't think that the possibility of a tragic end should stop me from confronting a person. It's their option to listen or not. But if you're simply not comfortable with that kind of thing, you should stick to comforting, harmonizing and inspiring... or whatever it is you are compelled to do.

That's my two cents for now.

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Blogger yellow_moosebumps said...

Wolf, it is so weird, i was just discussing this with someone else. I completely agree with you. I have said it before and I will say it again, we (everyone) have so much to learn from eachother, I think it is important to fill in each others flaws to become stronger but in order to do this we have to first recognize our flaws which is a problem for most, I guess it is human nature, I know it is hard for me so I assume everyone has this issue. I don't know the bible like I should, I know it but I couldn't tell you where to find it! It is like the body, hands have to help the feet, shoes don't tie themselves right! Have a good weekend!

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Blogger anonymous said...

It is so intimidating to get into a religious conversation with someone. But, if you believe, then God will push you in that direction or use other people in order for you to open up and plant a seed. It is easy to get caught up in the everyday activities that are apart of life.

This reminds me of an experience I had about a year ago. I had jury duty and as much as that sucks, one of the coolest experiences occured. We were in the court room and the lawyers were going through the process of jury selection. I know you have experienced jury duty, so you know what they go through. Giving you the definition of "beyond a resonable doubt", going over the case at hand, and asking a bunch of questions. The question on deck was, "do you have a problem with judgement?" A gentlement raised his hand and said, "I do have a problem because my Heavenly Father is the only judge and I can not judge another human being." His answer, of course, perked my ears up. It just so happened that I got stuck in the elevator with this person and he was a smoker as well. We went outside and smoked together. I wanted to know more about his beliefs. I told him I liked his response and then, he went into all the horrible things he does. It was like he was confessing his sins yet, not talking to me. I reassured him that Jesus loved him no matter what and if he walked, trusted, and most of all loved him, everything else would work out. I say the same thing to you today. No matter your methods, functions, or ways, as long as you are loving God with all your heart and wanting to follow in Jesus' footsteps, your path will be smoothed and windows opened. You don't know how you impact others and when others see your light shining. You might think it is dim when in all actuality, you shed light on the path and showed someone the way. Hope I didn't get too out of control for you. By the way, how much fun was today?!?!

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Blogger yellow_moosebumps said...

Today was awesome, I love our fan club meetings, I think Jules really wants to join! It just makes her feel out of the loop I think. I love laughing until my face hurts and then laughing more!

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